Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Introduction to Anthropology 2012-2013 - Four Fields Anthropology

Introduction to Anthropology 2012-2013 - Four Fields Anthropology: "For Introduction to Anthropology in spring 2013, I’ll be tweaking and revising the Introduction to Anthropology syllabus posted at the American Anthropological Association Teaching Materials Exchange. It’s an outline attempt at a four fields Introduction to Anthropology syllabus using

My preferred textbook, Lavenda and Schultz’s Anthropology: What Does It Mean to Be Human?;
Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz, Labor and Legality: An Ethnography of a Mexican Immigrant Network as a short ethnography; and
Articles from Applying Anthropology: An Introductory Reader."
"I encourage anthropologists to put a syllabus online at the AAA Teaching Materials Exchange. I was on the advisory board for this project–there is a need for a central high-quality hub of teaching materials. I’ve also posted a review of the Best Introduction to Anthropology Syllabus – Four Fields Anthropology (current as of fall 2012–please let me know if you’ve seen a good new syllabus)."

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