Sunday, January 6, 2013

ISC Diary | How to Use Twitter for Information Mining

ISC Diary | How to Use Twitter for Information Mining:

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"Twitter Essentials

If you're new to Twitter, watch Common Craft's Twitter in Plain English video. You may also like the Twittering Tips for Beginners article from the NY Times.

While some people tweet about mundane happenings like "Heading to work," many use Twitter for micro-blogging more meaningful updates. Also, inherent to Tweeter is its ability to encourage and capture conversations that span themes, time and geographies.

Google is great for sifting through standard web pages and official news. It's OK for searching blogs, though many prefer specialized services such as Technorati. None of these services match Twitter's access to an unfiltered, real-time perspective on what people are thinking and doing. (IMHO)"

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