Saturday, December 18, 2010


"Most of the designers these days learn designing by reading online tutorials. We all read tutorials and press F1 quite often, but sometimes when we don’t know the terminology, we have a very hard time understanding even the very simple matters.`
So here in this article, you’ll find the basic terminology used in Graphic Designing and the essential prerequisite knowledge which is common in almost all of the famous designing applications and platforms.
This sharing is related to the graphic designing, desktop publishing and a few bits are related with the printing process as well. They could become quite handy once you get familiar with all of them
We’ll keep it as squeezed as it is humanly possible, so you might not find all the details; but no necessary parts should be missing. This post is not meant to provide technical details, rather a subjective approach towards the terminology.
If you are a seasoned designer, you may feel that some particular definitions are not the same as in the books, and that is exactly what we want, just to define the use of the term, not the technical background..."

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