Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tales Beyond the Frames | Light and Composition Magazine

Tales Beyond the Frames | Light and Composition Magazine

Moments that we see through the lens, moments that give us a gesture; a gesture that descends into the abyss of visual rhythm and harmonies through a kind of intuition. It is an expression that we experience in that very moment; put a frame around and call it a “photograph”, but the story goes far beyond the frame. It is a journey around the world seen through the lenses of amazing photographers, in an “Enigma of Capturing Light,” and gorgeous composition which is “Driven by Passion.

Setting foot in an exotic, water-filled atmosphere, surrounded by lights and neon, pulsating with movement and futuristic thinking, we entered the world of “The Tokyo Bay and the Traditional House Boats”, with photographer Michiko Matsumoto. The city of Tokyo, hurtling toward the future, yet embracing the past with unique traditions, is a visual feast , and it is here that we resume our journey.

From Tokyo Bay to the East River, from the Rainbow to the Manhattan Bridge, we found ourselves in New York City, the waning evening light coating the city in an aura of peacefulness, yet underneath possessing a booming economy, materialistic lifestyle, constant movement, and an urge to become known. So many little lives lived out in this giant city, with each one yearning to tell their story. The pace of this frenetic city that never really sleeps is portrayed in peaceful respite in “Sunset over NYC”.

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