Friday, January 3, 2014

we seek joy: about

we seek joy: about: "Hello! I'm N'tima! I am a twenty-one year old wife and new mama. Here I document my journey through motherhood, embracing the magic mess of it all. I wear my new sleepy eyes, and overgrown heart with pride.

I met my husband, the giant force behind my optimism, when we were kids living in Okinawa, Japan. Since then, I graduated Culinary School, he joined the air force, we wed in snowy Salt Lake City, started our life together in the rolling Northern California hills, created a tiny beauty, and are preparing to trek across the world this year to live, again, in our beloved Japan.

I believe in God, family, soul food, good people, seeking the joy in the every day, and in the power of self love.

Thank you for reading along!


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