Saturday, June 29, 2013

erica's ethos: The Anthropologist’s Toolkit

erica's ethos: The Anthropologist’s Toolkit: "The Anthropologist’s Toolkit

I know some of my readers are non-anthropologists, and I can only hope my writing has illuminated this field at least some to them, so in efforts to demystify the work of a socio-cultural anthropologist, who are often not depicted in the media, I wish to share with you some of the tools and methods behind all the textual material I attempt to put forth.
Of note, before we move on, a socio-cultural anthropologist, while tied to the other fields of anthropology, physical, linguistic and archaeology, employs different methods and materials to produce work. With the number of applied anthropology programs out there in addition to the shifting usages of traditional anthropological mindsets, it is important to distinguish my sub-field from the others. "

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