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Scusa ma ti voglio sposare (2010) Sorry if i want to marry you

Scusa ma ti voglio sposare (2010) Sorry if i want to marry you

Directed by Federico Moccia


Selected bibliography:
Tre metri sopra il cielo (1992)
Ho voglia di te (2006; English: I Want You)
Scusa ma ti chiamo amore (2007)
Cercasi Niki disperatamente (2007)
Amore 14 (2008)
Scusa ma ti voglio sposare (2009)




"Nicki (Raoul Bova) and Alex (Michela Quattrociocche) are taking their love to the next level. Three years after their whirlwind romance, both have progressed in life. Nicki has gone on to college and her cadre of close friends have seen great changes too. They’ve got college, careers and possibly a pregnancy on the way."
 - http://www.cinemaliberated.com/2011/02/21/scusa-ma-ti-voglio-sposare-sorry-if-i-want-to-marry-you-2010-italy/ -



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Other film of the director:
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Amore 14 (2008)


"Carolina is almost 14 years old, she is unique like all the girls of herage.
14 is a magical moment, there are girlfriends to share days and dreams. There are first kisses stolen in the shadow of front doorway. There is always music, at the right moment and its lyrics always seem to be talking about her. Then there are parties, school, jokes with schoolmates, the teacher that is a weird character, and obviously exams to prepare for. There is a wonderful grandma who understand what’s hidden in her granddaughter’s soul. There is a ‘cool’ older brother who helps his sister’s heart to dream.
And love? What is love really like? Does love look like Massimiliano? Is that love?
Unfortunately Carolina has lost her phone and with it she’s lost all his details! But she knows that some way or another, she will find him again.
So, while she dreams of flying three meters above the sky, her life moves along carefree between daily adventures and the darkness of her family life.
Carolina is ready to be happy.
Amore 14 is a journey through feelings, the excitement of first love, the pain of a sudden betrayal, the first, that leaves you speechless. It is losing someone you care for, it is an unexpected gesture of affection.
Based on Amore 14 novel, Feltrinelli 2008, the movie of the same name (produced by Medusa and Marco Belardi for Lotus Production), shot in Rome between June and July 2009, will be released next autumn in movie theaters across Italy."


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