Monday, June 11, 2012

Tracking Turkey’s First Starchitect -, Mimar Sinan

Tracking Turkey’s First Starchitect - "By ANDREW FERREN
Published: June 8, 2012"

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Published: June 8, 2012
"To better understand what I’d be looking at in Edirne, I asked the bespoke travel agency Sea Song Tours in Istanbul to provide me with a three-day crash course in Sinan. By visiting more than a dozen of his buildings in Istanbul, I might better understand how his experimentation with complex geometric compositions transformed thick stone walls into columns, arches, domes and half-domes — and things called spandrels and squinches — as he made the vertical transition from the mosques’ square floors to their round ceilings."

"Sinan was said to be in love with Mihrimah, but as she was married to Rustem Pasha, Suleyman’s grand vizier, he contented himself with making the mosque as luminous as possible to reflect her name, which means “sun and moon.”"

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